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Open Shifts Upgrade

Posted on 4/16/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates featured

PlanIt's open shift features run off what we've described as our "open shift engine". The engine in real time displays all openings to you and your employees to achieve high fulfillment and clear visibility of unfilled staffing requirements.

Today, we've released an upgrade to our open shift engine, which makes it more intelligent. The engine will now examine your recent scheduling patterns to determine how you fill shifts. It will then display any large openings of open shifts the same way you schedule. This way unfilled shift seem familiar to you and your employees, rather than large blocks of unfilled time.


Also Available

Also Available

Also Available

PlanIt is designed to streamline the day to day tasks of scheduling, all through a convenient and easy to use web based interface.

A variety of scheduling related tools are also available, built specifically for EMS, Fire, Police, and Dispatch organizations.

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