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Voice Blasts (Telephone Calls)

Posted on 5/31/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates new features featured

PlanIt is excited to announce our latest feature: Voice Blasts which are mass telephone call notifications.

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13 New Reports

Posted on 5/28/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates new features

This week we've expanded upon our 100+ PDF, Word, and Excel reports by added 13 new reports exportable to both PDF, Word, and Excel. Of those 13 reports, 8 can either be run as a monthly or yearly report. Our large offering of notifications also saw the addition of a new email and text notification.

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Court Appearances Update

Posted on 5/20/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates featured

PlanIt has just released a complete rewrite of our court appearance management module. Our comprehensive management of court appearances allows you to schedule appearances, notify officers, store important information, and track the appearance as it updates.

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Open Shift Command Center Upgrade

Posted on 5/14/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates new features featured

The open shift command center is an area where you can manage your open shifts and notify employees of particular shifts which need filled immediately.

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April and May Minor Updates

Posted on 5/7/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates

We've made some major changes in the last two months which have been featured here. We've also made some minor changes which are listed here.

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Email and Text Blast Updates

Posted on 4/28/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates new features featured

Our email and text blast features allow you to send an email or text message to a selectable list of your employees. This feature is one of our most popular, and it is used to send thousands of emails and text messages every day.

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Open Shifts Upgrade

Posted on 4/16/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates featured

PlanIt's open shift features run off what we've described as our "open shift engine". The engine in real time displays all openings to you and your employees to achieve high fulfillment and clear visibility of unfilled staffing requirements.

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March/April Minor Updates

Posted on 4/7/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates

We've made some updates over the last few weeks which do not warrant an individual post but we wanted to inform our users:

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Major Reporting Upgrade

Posted on 3/25/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates new features featured reports

We're pleased to announce a major upgrade to the reporting in PlanIt, effectively tripling our number of available exports and adding new features.

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Notification Administration Redesign

Posted on 3/1/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates featured notifications

With PlanIt, administrators can set how each notification (email, text, internal) will be received. These available options are: mandatory, disabled, optionally on, and optionally off.

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Also Available

Also Available

Also Available

PlanIt is designed to streamline the day to day tasks of scheduling, all through a convenient and easy to use web based interface.

A variety of scheduling related tools are also available, built specifically for EMS, Fire, Police, and Dispatch organizations.

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