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Drag and Drop Time Line Editor
Our desktop application features our drag and drop time line editor. Using this editor you can drag shifts onto the screen and resize them without ever touching your keyboard. This editor features four different modes: individual employee, platoon, unit, and organization.
Calendar Editor
The calendar editor features simple schedule editing in a familiar calendar interface.
Spreadsheet Editor
For quick and bulk updates our advanced spreadsheet editor can make large scheduling changes quickly.
Staffing Requirements
PlanIt can store your staffing requirements and with those requirements is able to warn of open shifts. Those open shifts are then available to employees to request.
Employee Templates
Organizations that feature rotating or kelly schedules can realize great time savings with PlanIt’s employee templates. You’ll enter the employee’s template and PlanIt uses this to create schedules. PlanIt can handle rotations of any complexity or up to one year in rotating length.
Warning System
PlanIt will check your schedule for overtime, double scheduling, open shifts, missing certifications, and availability violations. Using this warning system reduces the number of common scheduling mistakes and catches them before they become a problem.
Shift Trading
If your organization allows shift trading, PlanIt can manage the entire process. An employee can request a trade with another co-worker and once both sides approve it is sent for administrator approval. Once approved, PlanIt will take care of modifying the schedule. If denied, both employees will be automatically notified.
Employees may enter their base availability or date based availability. Administrators have access to this availability information as they work on their schedule and warnings are produced if availability is violated. Administrators may lock availability on a certain date to prevent late changes.
Color Coding
PlanIt allows you to color code employees or job types on your schedule. These colors show up on our time line editor, calendar editor and while employees are viewing the schedule.
Time Off
Approved time off is automatically added to the schedule and any shifts conflicting with the time off are removed thus creating an open shift. Even if a time off request is years out, the system can properly show the open shift.
Email Schedule Blast
For organizations that rely heavily on email, you can email employee’s their entire schedule at any time keeping your employees always informed.
Officer In Charge
PlanIt features an officer in charge system which prominently displays who the current OIC is and an optional note typically used for contact information. Employees always know who to contact in the case of an emergency.
Court Appearances
PlanIt can track court appearances and the details associated with those court appearances. Employees are notified of any changes to the date and time with an email requiring an acknowledgement.
An administrator or supervisor may attach a note directly to an employee’s shift during scheduling. That note is then viewable on the employee’s schedule and even on the time clock when the employee goes to punch in. This keeps the employee informed at all times of special situations with a particular shift.


PlanIt Messaging
PlanIt features a full featured internal messaging system which comes with every PlanIt account for all of your employees. It’s simple to use and based upon employee’s names rather than hard to remember addresses.
PlanIt has a built in internal messaging system.
Read Status
For important communication, PlanIt Messages support read status which will show the exact date and time a message was read by the recipient.
In PlanIt administrators can create and post announcements to be shown as soon as employee’s login on the home screen. The announcement system is highly configurable giving you options like expiration date, delayed post date, confirmation required, read status, and forced view. All of your previous announcements can be kept in your archives for record keeping.
PlanIt Scheduling announcements module for posting company announcements
Confirmation Announcements
Have an upcoming change of policy? Use PlanIt’s confirmation announcements to get the policy change out to all of your employees and have them acknowledge that they’ve read the announcement. PlanIt tracks the confirmation and preserves the timestamp of when each employee viewed the announcement.
PlanIt Scheduling has a confirmation required announcement feature.
Trade Board
Employees can use the shift trade board to advertise shifts they need to give up or if they are looking to pick up additional shifts. Interested employees can click on the message and instantly submit a shift trade for administrator approval.
Mass Notifications
Send immediate notifications to all, groups, or individual employees with either a phone call, email, or text message.
Phone, email, or text blasts are available for mass notifications.
Email Blasts
Send emails directly to all or groups of your employees within PlanIt. Responses will go to your email account.
Text Blast
Send text messages for important messages to all or groups of your employees. Responses will go to your email account.
Voice Blast
PlanIt will call selected employees and play a message you've recorded. The message can prompt employees to respond by pressing keys on their phone and you'll see their responses in real time. If an employee does not answer a voice mail option is available. There are no hardware or phone plans required to use the Voice Blasts system.
Voice Blasts are mass phone calls of pre-recorded messages
Automated Email Alerts
Nearly every action triggered inside PlanIt has an optional email alert that can be sent to employees, supervisors, or administrators. Have an employee just submit a time off request? An email can go directly to the employee’s supervisor. Just received a call off a need to fill a shift? The call off form can send an email out to employees asking for coverage.
Automated Text Alerts
For especially important actions within PlanIt instead of sending an email a text message can be sent instead to instantly alert employees.
PlanIt comes with four types of walls (message boards) for communication among employees. Walls included are: entire organization, individual platoons, supervisors, and individual employee walls. The employee walls are only viewable by management, not the employees. Many organizations use employee walls to record discipline and tardy shifts for individual employees.

Human Resources

Employee Information
PlanIt offers storage of an ever expanding list of fields. Currently we offer (job title, notes, supervisor, salaried, oic, labor department, birth date, hire date, termination date, payroll #, command #, pid #, badge #, state #, barcode #, rank, grade, schedule identifier, subordinates, and supervisors) If we don’t have a field you need to track, PlanIt allows up to 10 custom fields.
Certification Requirements
Within PlanIt you may setup and configure an unlimited number of certifications to require and track of your employees. Each job type defined within PlanIt has an option to require certifications. PlanIt will track that each employee holding this job type has current and valid certification.
Certification Expiration
Using the certification requirements, PlanIt can send email notifications each morning to supervisors, administrators and individual employees warning them of missing, expired, or soon to be expired certifications.
If your organization needs to track some required medical information like immunizations, PlanIt employs a similar system to certification tracking for easy management of these records.
Employee Address Book
PlanIt through several reports and its address book feature provide access to current employee contact information. This feature can be enabled to share some employee contact information with co-workers.
Contact Information
Employees may update their own phone, email, mailing address, and text message number from within PlanIt with an optional administrator’s approval system. PlanIt has no limit on the number of contact fields stored for each employee.
PlanIt supports organizations that use Platoon systems for employee organization. Employees can be joined to a platoon and then scheduled as such. Many communication features enable sending messages, announcements and alerts directly to platoons.
Organizations may customize their PlanIt records with pictures for employees, vehicles, jobs, and stations.
Employee Grouping
Inside PlanIt you may configure employee groups based upon jobs, platoons, or a completely custom group.
Emergency Contact Information
PlanIt can automate your emergency contact information records. Employees may supply and update their own emergency contact forms at any time. Administrators may configure which fields are required and how often emergency contact information must be verified by employees. Once this interval has been set employees will be prompted automatically to verify their emergency contact forms.

Time Clock

PlanIt features an intelligent time clock. It does not simply just record an employee’s start and end time. It inspects the schedule and compares that to the employee’s time. If an employee is outside of the acceptable range the employee will be prompted to complete a time adjustment immediately.
With PlanIt’s time clock your employees will not have to line up at the time clock at start time. PlanIt allows employees to optionally punch in prior to their scheduled shift start. If acceptable to the employee, PlanIt will automatically modify their start time to match the scheduled start time. PlanIt also allows employees who are leaving later than scheduled to automatically adjust the time to the correct end time if accepted by the employee. This cuts down on adjustments, possible overtime and allows employees to fix time clock mistakes. All the while giving the employees the flexibility to not have to watch the clock as they might with a typical time clock.
You may configure how the time clock works for your organization. From what computers it runs on to how late an employee may be before requiring a time clock adjustment. Additional features like the punch ahead/behind and time tracking can be enabled or turned off. The time clock was built to work for all organizations.
Tardy History
The time clock can record those employees who are tardy and log the history for future reference. Additionally an administrator can attach a note and identify if the tardy was excused on unexcused.
Time Recorder
If some employees are not required to use the time clock but require some time tracking PlanIt offers a time tracking mode. These employees will need to visit a time clock computer once within 3 days before or after their shift. The employee would be allowed to enter the start and end time without administrator approval.
Software Clock
PlanIt offers a software version of the time clock allowing employees to clock in and out after entering their PlanIt user name and password. You may control which computers will have an enabled time clock through a management screen.
Biometric Time Clock
PlanIt offers a leased biometric fingerprint scanner time clock which offers all the features as software clock but uses fingerprints to authenticate employees. It also contains special finger registration to allow one touch punch in and out. The biometric time clocks are synchronized so employees may use different time clocks throughout the day.
Punch Adjustments
If an employee is found to be outside the acceptable range of his/her schedule the time clock will prompt for the completion of a time clock adjustment form. These forms allow the employee to correct if necessary their time or explain while their time deviated from the schedule. These adjustments are then sent to administrators for approval before the time is officially accepted. Employees also have access to their time clock records so they may submit punch adjustments for missing punches without administrator prompting.


Simple Exporting
PlanIt will take the time recorded from the time clocks, salaried employees, time tracking employees and combine it will the approved time off and overtime slips to produce an export of each employees individual hours. These hours can then be exported into many different formats to be sent to your payroll company.
Multiple Export Formats
PlanIt comes with several exports to CSV format which can either be sent directly to many payroll providers.
PlanIt supports holiday multipliers for those who give time and a half or double time pay for holidays.
Overtime Slips
For organizations that require overtime slips, PlanIt has a robust overtime submission system. The system follows the approval process and allows employees and administrators to credit the time to time off or pay it directly.
Custom Payroll Available
PlanIt often works with subscribers to develop custom payroll programs to exactly match their unique requirements. Custom payroll applications have been shown to greatly reduce the time spent processing payroll, eliminate mistakes, and reap a large return on investment.

Time Off

Employees may directly request time off within PlanIt. They will be asked to supply all the necessary information. The approval is then sent for administrator approval.
PlanIt includes time off requests
Approval Process
While approving time off you’ll have access to the schedule for the requested time off, time off bank balances, along with already and pending requests for the same week. If the request is approved the employee is notified and his/her schedule is updated.
Banks / Buckets
With PlanIt you have an unlimited number of time off banks to use to track time off hours and requests. Each bank has separate configurable options like visibility, annually based, allow request, and labor departments.
Restricted Dates
If a date is no longer open for time off requests you may add a restricted date. At this point, PlanIt can notify employees that the date is no longer open and will prevent any requests for being submitted for restricted dates.
PlanIt has restricted time off request dates (black out dates) to prevent time off requests
PlanIt keeps detailed accounting history of all changes to time off whether it comes from a overtime slip credit, an administrator adjustment, or a request off entry everything is logged.
Bulk Updates
Multiple tools are included to for quick crediting of hours for multiple employees. These same tools can be used to reset balances at the beginning of each year.


100+ Reports
PlanIt has over 100 reports covering every aspect of scheduling, court appearances, overtime, time off, payroll, and human resources. Our report list continues to grow every year.
Nearly all reports are parameter driven creating an endless possibility of the number of reports available.
PDF, Word, Excel
All PlanIt reports are exportable to Adobe Acrobat's PDF format, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel. The PDF format will give you reports easy for distribution that cannot be edited. Microsoft Word reports are easily editable and universally accessible. Our Microsoft Excel option gives a reporting option for manipulating data and internal spreadsheets.
New Reports
We're always adding new reports. All subscribers to PlanIt police receive the latest version of all features and reports. We fill report requests every month.

Beyond Scheduling

PlanIt features over 100 parameter driven reports in the universal PDF format. New reports are added often based upon your feedback and needs.
Vehicle Checklists
Employees may be asked to submit vehicle checklists per shift. The questions on the checklists can be designed by an administrator at any time. PlanIt features a vehicle checklist status page for a quick glance at the current checklist completions and a detailed history viewer for previous checklists.
Labor Departments
You may add an unlimited number of labor departments and attach them to shifts, employees, units, or jobs for cost reporting.
Document Storage
Each organization is entitled to 10 gigabytes of document storage within PlanIt. These documents may be uploaded by administrators and downloaded by employees.
A built in incentives system is available for volunteer organizations or those that offer shift incentives. A points based value or multiplier can be assigned to certain shifts. Employees who work these shifts will accumulate points which can be deducted when withdrawn.
If your organization presents employee awards this award history can be tracked within PlanIt and is visible to the employees.

Also Available

Also Available

Also Available

PlanIt is designed to streamline the day to day tasks of scheduling, all through a convenient and easy to use web based interface.

A variety of scheduling related tools are also available, built specifically for EMS, Fire, Police, and Dispatch organizations.

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